Why Use Covered Car Shipping Carriers?

The primary advantage of using covered auto shipping over other options (such as open carrier transportation) is it provides the highest level of security and protection. Not only is the vehicle safeguarded from weather, rocks and other road debris that may be kicked up by the road, it will also be out of view from prying eyes. Should your vehicle be transported over land, the enclosed carrier prevents any unwanted passersby from tampering with or having access to it. This is especially important when shipping high value, rare or classic cars.

Why Enclosed Transport Is More Expensive?

  1. One reason that enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open auto transport is that there are fewer enclosed auto carriers available on the road. Most of all auto transport carriers are open carriers and they are easy to book for fast shipment. With fewer enclosed carriers available, there are often waiting lists for service depending on where in the country you are located.
  2. Shipping with enclosed transport usually means that the company or driver has offered a guaranteed delivery date whereas with open transport, you may need to wait several days or even weeks longer for delivery. You get a higher level of personal attention for your car when you use enclosed auto transport services.
  3. Many drivers who deliver motor vehicles own their own carriers and open carriers are cheaper to buy than enclosed carriers. Due to the cost, there are fewer enclosed carriers available.
  4. Enclosed carriers simply cannot compete with open carriers when it comes to the number of vehicles that can be hauled at one time. When an enclosed carrier may have anywhere from one to four cars loaded for delivery, an open carrier can haul up to nine or ten cars at one time. This means that even when a customer pays a higher fee for delivery with enclosed services, the driver and company are making less money because fewer vehicles can be loaded for delivery.
  5. Weather can play a big factor in cost with enclosed auto transport. If you are shipping during the winter in areas where there may be snow and ice on the ground there is a chance that many roadways may be closed for safety reasons and if so, this can cause the rate to increase.
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